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Gail R.
2016-01-06, 16:58

I love the classes and instructors at this studio! It is a happy, clean, and pleasant place to be. Instead of paying for a massage every 2 weeks, I have discovered that the Core classes have helped my muscles relax and grow strong. I love it!

2015-10-08, 00:42

I have been attending core concepts about 3 1/2 months after an MRI showed, herinanated disc and inflammation in my back from triathlon training. I have never felt better with my workouts and trialthon training since Mary and Leslie have been helping me strengthen my core. These instructors are dedicated and amazing!"

Holly Lee
2015-03-26, 20:04

This is the BEST studio with the most qualified, excellent instructors anywhere! And the studio is super clean.

2015-02-25, 03:14

After being in a slump for awhile due to medical issues, I got back into the flow with Carianne today for a private Pilates session. My mind and body felt so much better after the class today! I am so thankful for the time and techniques that Carianne helped me with today!

Lynn Nolen
2015-01-28, 23:55

I have been a dedicated gym girl my entire life. I have done everything from Jane Fonda to CrossFit. Core Concepts Pilates has changed me mind, body and soul. It is a very special place. You will see results and feel fantastic. I can't imaging my life with out this wonderful sanctuary.

Kelly S.
2015-01-07, 21:14

I have been doing TRX classes for over 2 years now and absolutely love it. I had never really "worked out" on a consistent basis before because well- I hated it! But I am so happy I found something and somewhere I love to do! The staff is so knowledgeable and caring. I always feel like it is a one-one-one experience. Thank you!

Melissa Pierce
2015-01-07, 18:37

Carianne and Co. are some of the best instructors anywhere! Why? Because they care deeply about the wellness of each and every client. Core Concepts is a rare and exceptional place!

kim gomez
2014-09-18, 01:27

Carianne & Core Concepts had 8 weeks to get my body in shape and my legs strong enough for our rock climbing and hiking adventure in British Columbia. That was no small task considering I hadn't exercised in 6 months! An amazing mix of Pilates, TRX, Barre and Spin classes was not only fun but strengthened me enough to keep up with (and sometimes lead) my husband and our two teenagers around the Canadian Rockies! Thank you Carianne!

Vilmary Olaciregui
2012-10-27, 16:32

Pilates works! Carianne and Peggy are incredible instructors. I have had 2 children and feel confident in a bikini.The space is lovely and I always leave feeling relaxed and energized. I have tried Pilates in other places in the area, but nothing compares to the workout and attention that I get from Carianne.

Robin meletti
2012-10-27, 16:32

Carian ne is the most professional and well trained instructor I have ever had. Her classes and instruction is always fun, thorough and a safe classic Pilate class. Anyone can benefit from working with her. Quotes

Chelsea Gunn
2012-10-27, 16:31

Core Concepts is the most exceptional studio in Jupiter. I have taken TRX from Carianne and pilates from Courtney and both were a phenomenal workouts. I absolutely loved TRX and its innovative approach to tone and sculpt the body. If you are looking for a place that does it with excellence you have to try Core Concepts! Quotes

Kelli Hof
2012-10-25, 05:14

First workout in 10 years that provides relief for significant neck and back pain plus left me in the best shape in years!!! I would highly recommend Core Concepts. THANKS COURTNEY AND CARIANNE!! Quotes

2012-10-25, 05:06

Carianne is an amazing Pilates instructor!!! I have scoliosis in my back, and after having two kids Carianne was able to sculpt my body back into shape. Before trying Pilates and meeting Carianne, I dealt with back pain for most of my life. I no longer have back pain, my back feels straighter than it's ever been, and I feel like I am in the best shape that I've ever been in. Carianne is truly a gift. She is talented, patient, and extremely knowledgeable in her field and about proper body function and movement. I can't say enough positive comments about Core Concepts. Peggy is a great instructor too! Absolutely love it here and the studio is beautiful! Quotes

debra w
2012-10-25, 05:06

One year ago, I ruptured 2 discs in my lumbar spine. I could no longer do Yoga. I found Carrianne and TRX. I continued TRX and then was introduced to Pilates. I was scheduled for surgery in December. Just days before my Surgery, I was pain free. and my Neurosurgeon cancelled . All I know is that if I was not doing TRX and Pilates with Carrianne I don't think I would be where I am today. I owe her a lot. Pilates and TRX kept me off the OR table. I can now also go back to Yoga.... This Studio has the greatest people teaching, and attending. It feels like a family. You are safe here, and enjoy coming. Try it!! IT WORKS!!! Quotes